a very hard-boiled welcome

ImageI’m so pleased you’re here! Maybe it was quite by accident, or maybe you were looking to discuss our common interest – film noir, and those fabulous femme fatales. Or maybe you’re looking to define the hard-hearted dame who seduced you, betrayed you, made you her patsy and left you for dead. (Oh, don’t be sore – you’re in excellent company!) You may, in fact, be the dame in question… welcome home. 

We’ll talk movies, history, lifestyle, fashion, and probably more. We’ll ponder the big questions, like who killed the chauffeur in The Big Sleep and what the well-heeled, girl about town wears while conning a mark into killing her husband and claiming the insurance money.

It’s all greed, corruption, chaos, and crimes from here on out. So stick around.

And who am I? The hard boiled girl in charge. I love Hitchcock, crooners, taxidermy, hair ribbons, horror movies, the golden age of the studio system and the production code. I’ve got Ladd and Mitchum pinned to my boudoir table, I like my music on vinyl, and if you’re buying, I like my whiskey neat.


See you on the shady side of the street.